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Understanding your industry and the market you serve is an important part of running a business. The dynamics of a market are subject to a lot of external variables. Deeply analyzing these variables and their effect on the product and company operations is the key. This entails researching the competition, the potential for growth and your target audience or customer base along with the macro factors that directly influence your market.


Just like any industry in today’s world the market research industry is being propelled forward by innovation and at a rapid pace. While most people may not realize it, brands can now make better business decisions faster and at a lower cost than ever before. By using automation to connect disparate systems, transfer data more quickly, target the right people for surveys more precisely, and drive data analysis. Focal Point is integrating artificial intelligence into platforms to determine whether or not a respondent is of high quality during the survey-taking process.


The R&D teams are busy in developing new products, flavors, sizes and packaging for their existing or new offerings in the market. Focal Point’s team of qualitative and quantitative experts help them generate insights for idea generation and product development. When the product samples are ready, they are tested and/or qualified by the target audience through which the volume forecasts are generated to arrive at go/no-go decisions..


Working with creative agencies to generate insights, identify benefits, and shortlist reasons to believe, help generate multiple communication concepts. The concepts are qualitatively evaluated and shortlisted for quantitative qualification. The qualified concepts are utilized by agencies for creative development.


Is described as a formal and productive system to measure an employee’s work and effects based on their job responsibilities. It is used to gauge the amount of fee delivered by way of an employee in phrases of accelerated enterprise revenue, in assessment to enterprise requirements and standard employee return on funding.


This type of research seeks to better understand the consumer as a person by learning more about his or her attitudes, needs, motivations, and behavior in relation to a product or service. More broadly, consumer research assists a company in obtaining relevant, reliable, valid, and up-to-date information about their target buyer. The findings are crucial in order to make relevant products, efficient advertisements and successful placements.